All Formats (Two-Part Kits / Semkits /Field Kits / Pre-catalyzed Frozen)

What is the shelf life of the material?

  • Two-Part Kits and Semkits shelf life is 1 year stored between 40°F - 100°F
  • Frozen Sheets shelf life is 3 months at 0°F or 6 months at -20°F


What formats are available of the material?

  • Two-Part Kits: 1lb(pint), 3lb (quart), 10lb (gallon)
  • Semkit: 200g
  • Field Kits: 50g or 100g
  • Frozen Sheets: Sheets, Strips, or Die-Cuts


What is the application time of the material?

  • The application time is 1hr at 75°F ± 5°F

What is the assembly time of the material?

  • The assembly time is 2hrs at 75°F ± 5°F


What is the drill time of the material?

  • The drill time is 4-5hrs at 75°F ± 5°F (when Shore D is 55)


What is the cure time of the material?

  • The cure time is 8-9hrs at 75°F ± 5°F




Pre-Catalyzed Frozen Sheets

What thicknesses are available for the frozen sheets?

  • The thicknesses available are 0.02” – 0.1” and go up by increments of 0.01”


What are the dimensions of the frozen sheets?

  • The current max size for the frozen sheet is 7” x 18”


What size strips are available?

  • The current smallest strip size is 1” strips


What are the backing options and features of them?

  • Release paper or Tedlar® paper
  • Release paper: Removable paper that leaves two adhesive sides for permanent assemblies
  • Tedlar® paper: Tedlar® is a PVF highly resistant release film, it is permanently bonded to the liquid shim, but allows for disassembly and inspection of the part. This option uses both release paper and Tedlar® paper. One side is covered by release paper that is removed and gives the adhesive side of the application and the other side will be covered with Tedlar® paper which gives the non-adhesive side of the application and allows for the disassembly of the part later on for inspection.


How do the custom die-cuts work/developed (process)?

  • The die-cuts are customer specific. The customer provides the depiction of the shape they would like and then die-cuts are produced and tested to make sure the sizing is correct before orders are made. The die-cut shapes have to fit in the sheet size of 7” X 18”.




Two-Part Kits / Semkits / Field Kits

What is the mix ratio for the Two-Part Kits?

  • The mix ratio is 100:14.4 by weight (14.4g of Part B to 100g of Part A)


What are the mixing instructions for the Semkits?

  • ​50 to 90 strokes in 5 minutes