Pre-Saturated Wipes

Are the wipes available with all types of solvents?

Yes. Generic blends such as MEK, MPK, acetone, IPA, and toluene are all available as well as proprietary blends such as Diestone DLS, DS-108, HFP, MSK, etc.

Are the wipes considered hazardous waste?

Once the wipes are used on a surface, they are considered hazardous waste. Follow your internal waste stream procedures to dispose of the product. If the wipes have not been used on a surface, they are not considered hazardous waste and could follow a traditional waste stream.

What type of gloves and PPE should I use with pre-saturated wipes?

For generic blends, typically you use a standard nitrile glove. This applies to all of the Socomore pre-saturated wipes; however, always reference the solvent SDS which defines the PPE requirements.

Do I need ventilation or a respirator when using pre-saturated wipes?

Yes. There should be sufficient airflow in the work area to prevent a buildup of fumes. Special consideration should be taken for confined workspaces such as the interior of the aircraft, fuel tanks, cabins, etc.

Why is there a film remaining on the surface when I use Diestone DLS, HFP, MSK, DS-108, and similar products?

These solvents have a flash point that is higher than generic solvents such as MEK or MPK. As a result, they stay on the surface longer, bringing more contaminants to the surface. The contaminants brought to the surface can be more easily wiped off with a dry wipe allowing for better surface preparation.

Do I need to use a dry wipe after I use the pre-saturated wipes?

Yes, always use a dry wipe such as a Sontara wipe. This is to remove the contaminants brought to the surface by the solvent.

What are the advantages of pre-saturated wipes versus rags saturated in traditional solvents by the operator?

Insurance cost reduction: The same products in a pre-saturated wipe do not require flammable storage as they would in bulk packaging.
Waste reduction: One study showed that 15,000 individual pre-saturated wipes can fit into one drum when compacted, which results in approximately 80% waste reduction compared to bulk rags.
Environmental, Health and Safety Improvements: VOC’s can be substantially reduced.

Will I use more pre-saturated wipes than rags?

No. Manually saturated rags waste substantial amounts of solvent due to early flash off. The pre-determined saturation level is designed to maximize efficiency of the wipe and as a result the solvent in the wipe will cover a much larger surface area than a manually soaked rag.

Will using pre-saturated wipes cost more than using bulk solvent for wiping?

No. A case of 18 6” x 9” wipes will clean approximately the same surface area as a 55-gallon drum of MEK, MPK, acetone, etc. soaked manually because of the evaporation out of the drum and off of the rag. A case of 18 rolls is typically saturated with less than 13 liters (3.4 gallons) of solvent.

Are the textiles approved?

Sometimes, depending on customer requirements.

Should I remove the wipes from the foil pouch?

No, always keep the product in the pouch and place it in the canister for dispensing. Always make sure the canister lid remains shut when not in use.

How often should I change out the canisters?

Every 3-5 years, or if the lid does not properly seal.

Do I need to label the plastic canister?

Check your internal procedure for labeling requirements.

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