General Questions

Where can I find optical data?

There are multiple online resources published by companies such as NASA.


Are Chemglaze and Aeroglaze the same thing?

No. Aeroglaze coatings are qualified to much higher standards than Chemglaze coatings.


What is the difference between Aeroglaze Z306 and Aeroglaze Z307?

Aeroglaze Z307 is conductive, while Aeroglaze Z306 is not.


What is the resistance/conductivity of Aeroglaze Z307?

102-105 ohms/in2.


Can I bake Aeroglaze/Chemglaze coatings?

Baking to speed up cure is not recommended.


Will baking reduce outgassing values?

Yes. Follow the NASA procedure found on


Where can I find outgassing data?


Do the Aeroglaze/Chemglaze coatings meet the performance requirements of MIL SPEC coatings?

Sometimes yes, although they may be not listed on the respective QPL. Consult the TDS for more information.


What is the operating temperature range for Aeroglaze/Chemglaze coatings?

-238 degrees F to 220 F with short excursions to 250 F.

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